Bushcraft for Families – Weekend Course

“WOW” Course:

Our Introductory Bushcraft & Survival Course for families:

Our WoodlandCPS Bushcraft Fundamentals for families (otherwise known as the WOW course) is aimed at families who wish to be tested, and surprised at every turn. You will all be aware of your positions within your family home / unit, but will those positions hold up if you become lost without every day amenities within a woodland location.

This course introduces Bushcraft to the family unit, and is based on the four main principles of survival, fire, food, shelter and water. Throughout the weekend you will learn how to build an emergency shelter, collect and purify your water, prepare your own food, and how to light a fire. But during the WOW weekend it could be just as easy to see one of the kid’s who can get the fire alight, or Dad who does the cooking, only the Sister or Brother who can remember what plant was edible and Mum being the only one who remembers how to tie the knots, all WOW moments when your family finds themselves adrift from normal life styles.

This two-day course takes place at the beautiful Sinfield Nature Conservation Trust site, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

The course has to adapt to the ever-changing seasons, but below is a typical example of our Bushcraft Fundamentals Course.

From the meeting point following introductions we take the short walk into the mixed woodland. During this walk your instructor will be more than happy to point out both the present flora and fauna that has a direct part to play in the skills of Bushcraft,

Upon arrival at camp we will make ourselves comfortable underneath the parachute shelter and following the mandatory safety brief and a quick tour of the school, you will be informed of the latest UK Knife Law and then without delay you will be issued with and introduced to the Mora Pro Carbon C Bushcraft Knife and its basic use, you will be taught how to hold, pass and complete a number of basic cuts all safely under the instruction of a qualified instructor. Following a break for tea, coffee or juice we will go for a walk in the woodland, where dependent on the time of year you will be to introduced to some of the trees and plants that we use in Bushcraft for food, fuel and fire.

We will break for lunch. Free tea, coffee, biscuits, juice and water will be available throughout the day.

Fire is one of the most enjoyable skills to master for anyone wishing to develop their Bushcraft skills and therefore after our walk in the woods your instructor will demonstrate the following: the selection of appropriate kindling and tinder, and then show you different methods of getting your fire lit, and maintaining it. You also have the opportunity to try out the different methods, with our instructor providing extra tuition and guidance as required.

Once your happy you will be sent into the woods to gather your own materials, for the opportunity to build and light your own fire using natural tinder’s, fuel and the Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel (WOW).

You’ll find out quickly when working in the outdoors a simple task takes much longer than in our modern comfortable lives, so we then get straight into looking at Bushcraft shelter construction specifically where, how and what with and when in family unit the natural leaders will show themselves possibly for the first time (WOW).

You will finish the day being shown how to deploy a Tarp Shelter; this is where you will spend the night. (WOW).

The day ends around the campfire with roasted marshmallows and sharing of your WOW moments on day one.

You will arise with the dawn chorus, to the smell of bacon cooking on the grill, once every one has eaten and refreshed them selves, we will get straight into building natural shelters, ones that are so efficient you don’t even need a sleeping bag or roll matt on the floor and that need no cordage/string to build (WOW).

We will break for lunch. Free tea, coffee, biscuits, juice and water will be available throughout the day.

We spend the afternoon off looking at the principles of food and water, we will talk and look at the knowledge required on where to look and find water, how to safely collect it, and most important how to filter and purify your water making it safe to drink. Following water we turn our attention to food and the main sources of protein in the form of wild game including, Rabbit, Pigeon, Squirrel and Pheasant (WOW).

At the end of the day we walk out of the woods back to the cars, and on route the instructors continue to share their knowledge with you about the sustainable use of the resources that are available to you in this environment.

It is not our mission to turn you into Family Robinson in a weekend but rather impart knowledge that is easy to remember, easy to practice and most importantly have fun whilst doing. And above all else take those WOW moments back to your home.


Please help us to continue the amazing conservation projects carried out at the Sinfield Nature Conservation Trust Site, when booking this course 15% of your course cost is directly donated from WoodlandCPS Bushcraft School to the Sinfield Nature Conservation Trust, a registered charity and a Non Profit Organisation.


Price per person £100.00

Min family number is 2 persons

Family of four (2 adults 2 children, 1 adult 3 children) only £350


WoodlandCPS Bushcraft School, Sinfield Nature Conservation Trust Wild Life Site, White House Farm, Hasketon, Nr Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 6JP.

2 Day

09:00am Saturday

16:30pm Sunday

Course Size:
Maximum 12 at our Woodbridge site

Fully Catered (Please inform us at the time of booking of any food allergies or dietary specifics)

Please ensure you have adequate amounts of any medication you may be taking or may need to take due to environmental conditions.

Minimum age for family member is 8 years old.