Our camp is situated in the Suffolk countryside, at the home of Sinfield Nature Conservation Site which is a non profit charity organisation.

Nestled between wild meadows which in the summer are home to beautiful British wild orchids and  patrolled by a small heard of rare breed British cows, the main school sits in a strip wood of Ash, Oak and Thicket, here we have the main buildings:

A safari style kitchen

A large woodland dining table

A parachute shelter with benches and a central fire pit

A compost toilet housing two individual compost toilets (all contents are processed and the compost is returned to the woodland)

Work tables

Wildlife viewing benches (its alive all year round)

Room for guests tents

An area for demonstrating both ancient and modern traps (no animals are harmed in our traps)


Skip across another stunning wild meadow and you arrive in our Hazel and Silver Birch woods, here we deliver lots of skills including:

Knife Craft

Shelter Building

Water collection, filtration and purification.

Fire craft

Within the Hazel wood are the honey bee hives they serve the wild meadows and provide us with the reward of honey. (enough said)

At any time you will have to share your space with Buzzards dancing in the skies above, Fallow, Roe and Muntjac deer, Badgers and Foxes at night, Tawny, Small and Barn owls, communicating at dusk and into the night, you cannot be amazed by the variety and quantity of British wild life it is simply breath taking.

We are surrounded by mature hedge rows and the meadows offering at different times of the year an abundance of wild edibles all of which form a large part of your meals as they come into and out of their season.

Whether its Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter the nature conservation site never lets you down when it comes to Fauna and Flora.We even provide a solar charging station that can charge up to 3 devices at any one time, free of charge, all you need to do is bring  your personal USB charging cable for your device, and you will always have charge in your phone or camera to capture those memorable moments.

We have available a few 2 person tents and DD tarps for customers who cant provide one for their weekend or week long course. They are booked on a first come first served basis. Please ensure you contact us to check the booked status of these items if needed.

Comfortable even when raining, a nice spot in the morning with a cup of Tea or Coffee.

The work tables being put to good use as students practice their figure four trigger commonly used on deadfall traps for small game.

Our dining table can seat 12 and gives a real rustic experience to eating in the woodland.

Over in the Hazel wood a student ignites his fire using Sliver Birch bark as the natural tinder with a fire steel.

The Compost toilet.

A view of the inside of the compost toilet, simple but very effective.

The path to the toilet cut through very dense thicket.

On this side of the Safari kitchen we wash up and dry, there is plenty of storage for fresh drinking water, food and utensils under the bench.

On this side of the kitchen we cook and serve, we have three gas ring burners and a BBQ and just outside the far door we have a small fire pit which we place a giant style frying pan on which our students can cook quesadilla’s, pittas or even fry bacon on, trust me its big enough to cook a complete english breakfast for 12 on all at once.